As a strategic partner, our experienced and detailed understanding of the retail process provides a unique advantage.

Home Design Solutions Limited is a Hong Kong based privately held company that provides customers with innovative solutions to meet their home decor needs. Working as a design and manufacturing partner with major retailers, HDS Limited creates exclusive program categories that span from energy efficient landscape lighting (Solar Power and Low Voltage) to LED based seasonal home decorations. HDS Limited is focused on bringing innovative, quality and creative products to market.

HDS Limited believes in the importance of partnering with companies who share our value of social equality and environmentally responsible manufacturing processes. All HDS Limited manufacturing facilities are SER certified for upstanding Social and Environmental Responsible practices. We believe in not only creating environmentally friendly products but we believe in ethical manufacturing.

Supply Chain Partnership

Experienced in creating product solutions and delivering outstanding programs, our customers also benefit from the best after sales service in the industry.


HDS Limited is a member of the Darton Group. Darton is a group of companies managing the supply chain for high volume, short lead-time consumer goods. The Darton Group covers the following categories of hard and soft goods: consumer electronics and appliances, housewares, stationery, office supplies, giftware, home décor, storage and organization, furniture, cosmetics and swimwear.

Founded in Taiwan in 1982, the Darton Group is headquartered in Hong Kong from where it manages the supply chain of goods through a network of offices throughout Asia.

The Darton Group’s international business operations span over 40 countries, with major markets being Europe, North America and South America. Dynamism and product specialization are what drive the enterprise.